Latest News Latest Videos. Initial setup requires you to plug in the wireless USB dongle into your PC and then installing the provided software and drivers. In addition to this, there’s also a 3. The Bad Requires PC to operate. Why don’t their products work together yet?

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ASUS have provided a asus aiguru s1 pamphlet on connecting to the Skype network as well as a detailed manual on using the handset. On the left side of the phone we find the power button. The Bad Requires PC to operate. The right side has a headphone jack should you wish to listen to streaming music from your PC in a little bit higher fidelity or without disturbing those around you.

Sound quality deteriorates when using the speakerphone for hands-free talk, which asus aiguru s1 thought was surprising considering that this same speaker is used for playing music. This means that you can manage your libraries, asus aiguru s1 play, stop and pause songs even with the computer in another room.

The back of the phone is where the speaker is used for the speakerphone and music playback more on that later.

Asus AiGuru S1 Skype Phone Review: Hands On | The Asus AiGuru S1 Phone

The small blue backlit LCD only displays x64 pixels, but is very bright with information such as battery life and wireless signal strength clear and easy to read.


The handset paired with the dongle in seconds and connected with the Skype network without any hassles. The battery on the Asus S1 Skype phone is very small and doesn’t add much weight to the unit at all.

Along the top of the phone we can see the speaker for standard phone usage and asus aiguru s1 else. Get Lost Mars, you’re a Far Cry asus aiguru s1 entertaining.

Don’t show this again. At the bottom are two metal connections for charging when on the dock and a USB connection for setup purposes asus aiguru s1 also for charging. Its round edges and chunky feel allows it to be clasped comfortably in the hand. The phone effectively has a built-in Design The look of the AiGuru S1 resembles a conventional candy bar shaped mobile phone and is finished in a shiny white plastic, aigjru doubt to capture the sector of the market enamoured with the iPod.

Asus aiguru s1 front of the phone looks like your typical run of the mill cell phone.

Asus AiGuru S1 Skype Phone Review: Hands On

Its asus aiguru s1 is very tactile but overall build quality feels poor. The built-in speaker on the back of the AiGuru has been designed for both ordinary phone conversations as well as listening to music that can be streamed from a PC via a Wi-Fi connection.

Support for dual-audio channel allows the AiGuru S1 to function asus aiguru s1 effecting other programs on your computer, meaning that you can watch a movie, play games or leave some asus aiguru s1 running while making a phone call. In addition to this, there’s also a 3. They can never stop the signal Home Reviews News Forums. The Good Excellent clarity.

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aigurj Intelligent fruit flies slower than Snapdragons. It’s ideal for users that want to treat Skype as just another phone service, without asus aiguru s1 to wear a cumbersome headset or be tied to the PC. Google’s larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android experience. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

Although there’s no need to access a computer to scroll through your numbers or check your call history, editing your contacts can only be asus aiguru s1 through the PC, but this isn’t a major issue.

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