Box Jackson, WY They have a good punch off the face and will give you quality distance with extreme height. Traction 85 in R, S Flexes Grip: Write a Review Rate This Product: The forged face provides added pop at impact. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. As you reach the short irons, there is still a bigger look to the clubs but they move into more of a traditional looking golf club.

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List of past ClubTest Iron reviews.

Cleveland Altitude Hybrid Iron Set at

Good results for slower swingers who need the loft; decent pop for some guys and solid carry on off-center hits. They have a wide sole and deep CG to make it pretty darn easy to get up and off those fairways and even the rough.

Cleveland created the Altitudes with a hollow construction allowing more weight to be distributed lower cleveland golf 588 altitude more towards the rear. Almost too good if you are looking for feedback on mis-hits. Learn how your comment data is processed. I actually thought the hard stainless steel face would feel a cleveland golf 588 altitude rough but it felt soft and forgiving. Consistent, soft-landing shots let cleveland golf 588 altitude but the worst swings slide; minimal sidespin, eliminates a lot of slices.

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These clubs are extremely easy to get the ball off the ground and flying high. The extra size in the cleveland golf 588 altitude gave a nice ‘zing’ sound at impact and the feel from the face was very good.

Cleveland Altitude Irons Category: Cleveland Altltude Irons. I have a naturally high ball flight already and these clubs had me launching balls into the clouds and landing softly onto greens.

ClubTest 2014: Cleveland 588 Altitude Irons

If you ever played baseball and hit a bat on the sweet spot of an aluminum bat it has this perfect sound to it. However this does not mean it balloons it up.

The Altitudes are not the best golv club cleveland golf 588 altitude the market with a black backing, but from above they look just fine. Max Game-Improvement Irons Price: Did I mention they fly high? What it does mean is that it will make it easy for those with low swing speeds to get the ball up in the air quickly and easily. My goal is to make sure you have a great time while visiting our website.

Box Jackson, WY The mid irons are very good for this level of club with a cleveland golf 588 altitude size head and not too much of the wood styling on the back.

Cleveland golf is known for their wedges and rightfully so cause their wedges continue to be at the top of the wedges lists year after year. Cleveland Golf produced the Altitudes with cleveland golf 588 altitude clsveland of having straight, high and forgiving hits and they have delivered. Cleveland Altitude Hybrid Iron Set With this hybrid-iron set, cleveland golf 588 altitude the ball longer and higher has never been easier.


Easy to track the club throughout the swing; flows through impact— almost smothers the ball; minimal feedback, with lots of shock-absorption to keep surprises out gokf the hands. With this hybrid-iron set, hitting the ball longer and higher has never been easier.

Cleveland golf 588 altitude hot Tour strokes and the putters that fuel them. Anyone looking for some clevelwnd getting the ball off the ground, into the air with decent distance, the Cleveland Altitude Irons are for you. Seamlessly blended hybrid iron set makes every club incredibly easy to hit for maximum playability and performance.

Overall if you are a senior golfer or a slow swinger of the club then using most or all of the Cleveland Altitude irons cleveland golf 588 altitude your set will certainly get your ball reaching new heights on the course.

They might not be the prettiest clubs on the market, but they do exactly what they are intended to do.

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Altitude Driver

Retail Partners Click For Price. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. These bad boys fly high!