No, create an account now. May 23, 5. This is actually Flash 9, it will not play video, it will however bring you the full ad-filled internet experience. It installs just fine and everything but nothing happens. What did i wrong?

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I cannot install it on my phone but my sister 1can mine is LG P coby android eclair sister phone is samsung galaxy something. No flash video for me. Confirmed not working Droid X no wclair. Just got this installed on my Moment… Yes I can rclair watch flash on sights. Not working on Droid X 2. Coby android eclair can now also search all saved SMS and MMS messages and set the OS to automatically delete oldest messages in a conversation when the defined limit is reached, which should help greatly with your memory.

First in Finland en within a few weeks in the rest of Europe. Pls Someone reply to how to get it fixed!

Android – Eclair |

The threads that I followed to root and install a coby android eclair ROM are listed in my post here. Dont know why you guys add rubbish and lies to your site?


You know you cant add flash Thanksit works better. Tried with standard browser, mini Opera and FireFox! Just tried Skyfire, could not play videos on the web. Can you try it in your Galaxy to and try to get back to me please???? Hi everyone It does not work on arnova Perfectly working on my Coby android eclair nice tip thank u so much. Super, cela fonctionne Nickel sur Galaxy S. I do have the Plug in enable, but when I go to the espn. May 23, 1.

While performance might not be as smooth on Eclair due to the absence of a JIT compiler and other coby android eclair introduced coby android eclair Froyo, in the end you will be able to surf Flash enabled websites without any significant issue, just with a slight lag compared to Froyo perhaps but even that may not be noticable on relatively lightweight websites.

Coby Kyros power button (BETA) APK

Click Go and Install. I have same problem.


Aug 12, Messages: Coby android eclair tried this on HTC Wildfire with no luck. This is just a eclairr, it wont work and i aint even gonna bother checking this out. Could somebody give me some advice?

Android 2.0 – 2.1 Eclair

Yea this dum shit anit workin for so idk wut to do next. May 23, 2. It even shows pictures. Do you already have an account? I read the stickies coby android eclair then I had more questions the more I read!

How you get it to work? Feb 4, Messages: This is actually Flash 9, it will not play video, it will however bring you the full ad-filled internet experience.