Be the first to review this product. The RollerMouse Free2 has 5 different cursor speed settings selected by a control button with five indicator lights. Quick and easy speed selection. Although the RollerMouse Free2 works plug and play, you can reprogram the buttons if the standard ones do not meet your needs by downloading the programmable driver from the Contour Design website. The “one touch” paste button. Correct use of rollerbar. Front Profile without palm pads.

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RollerMouse Free2

Quick and easy speed selection. The included low profile palm supports are easily removed.

Suitable for laptop and compact keyboards. Bar Click Tension Adjustments: Takes a little practice to avoid accidental clicking. RollerMouse Free2 can accommodate multiples screens and combines seamlessly with laptops in office environments. Speaking of buttons, six of them surround a clickable scroll wheel below the rollermouse free 2. Rolleromuse Free2 is based on our ergonomic expertise and inspired by users creating a modern ergonomic design with ultra high precision and quality.

Prevents Static Grip of the Mouse – The RollerMouse Free2 is controlled with an open relaxed hand and rollermouse free 2 curled fingers use of an unflexed hand, with no possibility of clutching or holding the device to effect cursor control.


Mac Rollermouse free 2 X Interface: Wide, free flow motion. Their feedback has shaped the innovative design of RollerMouse Free2. Work safer and faster. Repetitive overreaching will often lead to tightness and pain in the neck, shoulder and elbow areas.

RollerMouse Free2 by Contour Design Inc. : ErgoCanada – Detailed Specification Page

RollerMouse Free2 helps to eliminate reaching for a traditional mouse relieving neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain. The elimination of flexing your rollermouse free 2 to grip the mouse avoids compression through the carpal tunnel.

The RollerMouse Free2 also comes with removable leatherette palm supports that relieve stress on the wrists while typing and using the rollerbar.

Use the large right button to right click. RollerMouse Free2 with removable palm support. Click with Any Finger – Use any finger to click on the rollermouse free 2, unlike most mice which can lead to trigger finger as only the index finger is able to generate left clicks.

The Contour RollerMouse Free2 offers ultra-smooth operation and ergonomic benefits an ordinary mouse can’t match. Central pointing device with rollerbar cursor steering. RollerMouse Free2 shown without palm support. RollerMouse Rollermouse free 2 top view. The only problems I encountered in the first hour or two were a couple of unwanted clicks while typing and, more seriously, unwanted cursor movement while clicking, the latter caused by the difficulty of pressing straight down on the bar without triggering a slight accidental roll or vertical cursor hiccup.

Recent Drivers  VID 6547&PID 0232 DRIVERS

Ambidextrous Rollermouse free 2 Control – By centrally locating the mouse buttons beneath the keyboard home keys, mouse control is equidistant from either hand.

RollerMouse Free2 – Contour Design

Downloadable driver available for: The RollerMouse Free2 allows you to keep your elbows comfortably by your rollermiuse, which is a more beneficial ergonomic position. A slim ergonomic mouse alternative that rollermousw pain associated with mousing, the RollerMouse Free2 is based on our ergonomic expertise and rollermouse free 2 by users creating rollermousw modern ergonomic design with ultra high prescision and quality.

Rollermouse Free2 fits perfectly with the new Balance Keyboard. I used the RollerMouse with both a laptop 1, by display and desktop 1, by 1, and ran out of room only occasionally at the rollermouse free 2 1, dpi resolution. Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Small. This allows the user to perform all mousing rollermouse free 2 in the area immediately in front of the keyboard and eliminating the need to reach out to the side.