Note that when installing the Intel Driver Only package, it simply spins an icon for a while, and doesn’t display any confirmation. I recommending trying the other remedies first to see if this one is necessary. Im considering just returning the laptop as there’s clearly something strange wrong that I doubt ill manage to fix. Ran speedtest as you suggested, once with skyrim single player only 3d game running and once without. Discussion about WiFi issues performance as well as disconnects comes up repeatedly.

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Shawn Jul 14, This will also remove registry entries from connections created by previous driver entries: Here you can download all drivers for your laptop and modem in single archive!

Using the Power Options control panel, Change plan settings then Change advanced power settings. That’s still puzzling to me. Updated link to Notenook Download Center above.

In addition to the power draw which you mentioned originally I wonder if the GPU may actually samsung notebook n148 plus wifi some radio interference.

I have not found this necessary myself, and I hate recommending it because it basically limits WiFi to the old Wireless-G protocol which had a much lower theoretical max transmission speed.


No more random 1sec spikes.

WiFi Remedies for Samsung Laptops | NotebookReview

No recently updated software. Useful Links Other software tools and services. The driver version you see there may not always match the package version x.

I samsung notebook n148 plus wifi some of this helps. But regardless of where you end up, I recommend first cleaning out existing drivers and rolling back to the Win8 built-in driver.

Meaker Sager Jul 18, Due aamsung the older laptop’s First gen HP envy 15 chronic overheating problems, I wouldn’t be too confident in the health of its wireless card and so am not sure it makes a great comparison, but sqmsung was the only other laptop available to me that didn’t use integrated samsnug and hence could test any games. DannemandAug 19, Windows 10 or later. Some owners with adapters have seen improved performance and stability by disabling Wireless-N under Adapter Settings.

ColdFire1 Jul 4, While in there, consider also changing other important power settings as described in this post and this post. I thought for a second that it samsung notebook n148 plus wifi just be generally poor wireless performance because it stopped working when on low settings too.


specifications & all drivers for laptops

DannemandAug 7, I’ve changed the bluetooth settings but still no luck. The device can be used for web surfing and simple office tasks.

I did see you mentioned something about disabling bluetooth in one of the threads you linked to so ill try that and see how it goes. Save your time – download drivers-packs from our web site!

Samsung Members Customer Support at your fingertips. I recommending trying the other remedies first to see if this one is necessary.

Samsung N148 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

You will find extensive discussion of this subject in many threads. No results for Manuals ” “. Windows OS and Software.

When you do NOT see that option anymore, you’re back to wlfi original Win8 driver. DanielCalladine Jul 6, Email to Samsung Pay We’ll respond within 24 hours of your request.