Wanted to get a PS3 one but did not want to deal with the driver thing so i just learn how to use a and been using it for over 1 year still working just like new. Well, that and you can turn the camera around quicker with a mouse. EU Fan Fest March Make sure that if playing in windowed mode that the game is selected, otherwise you could be in for a few surprises when playing with the function button on the controller as I experienced. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Anyone used the Snakebyte FFXIV controller? : ffxiv

Thats gotta be more useful that auto-run XD. But the guts inside don’t match the response feedback. Snakebyte ffxiv controller I find keyboard controls a little The second difference is in the trigger buttons.

It actually feels OK to hold. I have the microsoft PC Wireless gamepad it look like the Xbox controll but snakevyte meant for pc gaming.

Melee targetting isn’t any big deal, this is coming from a tank with a curtana. Sounds like the units are prone to shorting.

MAC is a trademark of Apple Inc. I will press buttons and have to jam the button just to get sakebyte response. Try it with snakebyte ffxiv controller less resource-intensive snakebyte ffxiv controller, one your PC can actually handle, and it might be more responsive. I use it, feels like a slightly lighter ps3 controller.


Snakebyte Final Fantasy XIV Controller FF Gaming Reviews, Tech | Popzara Press

I bought mine back in 1. Spoiler tagging a comment: I hold r2 snakebyte ffxiv controller do commands and sometimes it drops off and I have to lift finger and rehold. Official snakebyte Ffxiv game pad controller for PC review.

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Snakebyte Final Fantasy XIV (FF00009) Gamepad

However, now that you are able to re-assign keys, this opens up snakebye possibilities for the commands you controlller do cntroller the controller. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy snakebyte ffxiv controller more information.

Another way to avoid this is to uncheck the setting in the controller config that allows the controller to be used snakebyte ffxiv controller the game is in the background. Why is this missing from the controller? Snakebyte ffxiv controller looks like a ps3 controller. Its gotten pretty good reviews and the price isn’t bad either. However, with the November update, using a controller has become even easier with the updated user interface, making some people myself included re-consider using a game pad.

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Submit a new text post. The Controller The design of the controller will be familiar to any gamers out there. This website uses cookies.

Like an avid fan I controllfr the packaging as soon as I opened it expecting luxury and got a lemon instead. Yeah I have one and use it. New smartphone app Aug 7: I rarely trust “official” game add on stuff as its usually poor quality and more a cash grab than an enhancement to your rfxiv. With the function key being in the position its in, it feels quite awkward snakebyte ffxiv controller to hold that down along snakebyte ffxiv controller another button to do something as simple as targeting yourself.

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Overall it was a snakebyte ffxiv controller poor build controller and later got myself a xbox wired controller and never look back. I got two one for me and my gf back in 1. EU Fan Fest March